Sea of Thieves: 2024 Premium Edition

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Product Description
Dive into Sea of Thieves with this special edition, which includes a copy of the game with all permanent content added since launch, plus a wide-ranging assortment of extra cosmetics.

In addition to a wealth of bonus content from the revised game and 2024 Deluxe Edition – Ocean Crawler Cutlass, Pistol, Shovel, Hat, Jacket, Dress, Trousers, Hook, 10,000 gold, Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss, Collector's Thunderous Fury Figurehead and Sails – this edition of the game comes with a further Premium Bundle containing the Collector’s Dark Warsmith Figurehead and Sails, the Dark Warsmith Hull, Flag, Wheel, Capstan, Cannons and Cannon Flare, as well as the Dark Warsmith Costume and the menacing Diabolical Dog pet.

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