Warframe - Initiate Power Pack

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Product Description

Kickstart your Tenno journey. The Initiate Power Pack amps up your Arsenal with formidable Max Rank Warframes, Weapons and Mods! This pack features:

  • 475 Platinum
  • Rhino Warframe
  • Nova Warframe
  • Soma Rifle
  • Plinx Pistol
  • Fragor Hammer
  • Sobek Shotgun
  • Aksilleto Dual Pistols
  • Lacera Blade and Whip
  • Aura Mods at Max Rank: Steel Charge, Energy Siphon, Rejuvenation
  • Nine Warframe Mods at Max Rank
  • Eight Warframe Augment Mods at Max Rank
  • 10 Rifle Mods at Max Rank
  • 10 Shotgun Mods at Max Rank
  • 10 Secondary Weapon Mods at Max Rank
  • 13 Melee Mods at Max Rank
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